Top 10 Destinations To Visit This Summer

Dying to visit your dream destination this summer? We sure would like to help you prep for that! And as an added bonus, we also would like to share our top 10 magnificent attractions all over the world that you must include on your next trip! But before we delve into that, we just wanna make sure that you have all your essentials with you. Isn't it a pain in the neck if you find out that you forgot some of them when you're already there? Don't worry, be groovy! We got your back. As long as you bring the right travel bags, packing will be a piece of cake!

First off, let's make sure that you choose the right backpack! What we recommend is something that will suit your needs, multifunctional and could complement whatever you decide to wear. Lucky for you, Purevave has launched its line of bestselling travel bags that absolutely fits an average person's budget. Don't miss out on shopping by visiting their user-friendly website!

Now that we gave you an idea of where to buy your traveling necessities, you may go ahead and enjoy this part. Here are the top 10 destinations that you must add on your bucket list this summer:

1. Santorini, Greece 

A lot of local and international films used Santorini as their main location and we can't blame them! The breathtaking view of the island is really something you couldn't help but admire. Santorini's volcanic island is well-known for its spectacular landscapes, picturesque sunsets and astounding pebble beaches. According to an article written by the Guardian in 2017, the population has reached over 25, 000 due to its booming tourism. Also, they say that the ideal time to visit here is around May to October. When you do have the luxury to do so, remember to have a taste of their exquisite wine selection! It wouldn't be a fun trip without it!

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: So you could gape at nature's wonder.

2. Siargao, Philippines

The next place on the list is for those of you who loves to surf the beach! Siargao is dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Philipines. However, surfing is not the only thing that the island offers. They provide a lot of fun activities ranging from paddleboarding and sailing to kite surfing and kayaking. The best beach resorts you could go to are Nay Palad Hideaway Resort, Sandy Feet Siargao, Isla Cabana Resort, White Banana Beach Club and Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa. Despite its flourishing tourism industry, the island has stayed pristine, unpolluted, and reserved thanks to the locals who maintain it and tourists who respects it by practicing claygo (clean as you go). And if you're not on a diet, don't pass up the opportunity to eat all the delicacies you could find in this country! Filipinos are known for being hospitable, resilient and they have excellent cuisines that foreigners can't help but drool over.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: To help you appreciate exotic food.

3. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon National Park which was founded in 1919 is one of the historic and primeval national parks in the United States. It is home to the astonishing 200 miles long Grand Canyon. Over one millennium ago, it was carved out by the Colorado river and is considered as one of the most amazing geological wonders in the world. The color and erosional forms is what tourists are looking forward to see when they go here. If you want to visit this site when there are few other visitors and when the temperatures are way cooler, come in March to May or September to November.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: So you could hike a prominent site filled with beauty.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

If you can't get enough of exploring historical sites, here's one of the classics that you should definitely pay a visit! It's none other than the Machu Picchu in Peru. This marvelous area of an archaic Inca citadel is situated on top of the Andes Mountains. Machu Picchu is deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1983 and one of the most phenomenal collections of ruins in the entire world. Furthermore, Machu Picchu's architectural style and other proofs indicate that it was a fixation of the emperor Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui on having a palace. He ruled during 1438 to 1471. Machu Picchu is the most commercially feasible tourist spot in Peru, bringing in sightseers from all around the world.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: To gain some historical insights.

5. Sydney, Australia

In a worldwide survey conducted by reviewing more than 400 cities, Sydney, Australia gained the top 10th position. And we have no intention of complaining because the land down under deserves it and should probably increase in ranking as the years go by. What we think is responsible for this feat is the captivating view of Sydney Opera House which was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. This city is full of life and is regarded as a melting pot of culture. Rest assured that you will certainly find it enjoyable to stay here.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: So you could get a well-deserved respite in the blazing heat of the sun.

6. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Ever wondered how the pyramids in Egypt were made? At that time there were no technology to create such splendid structures but they were able to do so. Such a fine miracle indeed albeit disheartening for the slaves who died in order to build them. The legendary pyramids of Giza and great sphinx are located just outside Cairo, Egypt. The pyramids were constructed as the tomb for pharaohs and they are the only surviving ruins recorded from the original seven wonders of the world. 

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: As if you need one! This is a priceless opportunity if you have the means.

7.  Naples, Italy

Craving for authentic pizza? Then you should totally book a flight to Naples, Italy and pay a visit to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Trust us, you won't regret ordering their pizza Margherita! After having your fill, check out this itinerary and enjoy:

  1. Climb Mount Vesuvius
  2. Go to the Ruins of Pompeii
  3. Visit the Naples National Archaeological Museum
  4. Explore the San Gennaro Catacombs
  5. Go to the ruins of Herculaneum
  6. Visit Castel Nuovo
  7. Explore Cappella Sansevero
  8. Go to Castel dell'Ovo
  9. Visit Naples Harbour
  10. Explore Piazza del Plebiscito
  11. Go to San Domenico Maggiore
  12. Visit Naples Cathedral
  13. Explore the district of Santa Lucia
  14. Go to Palazzo Reale
  15. Visit the island of Capri

 Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: It would be a life-enriching experience, that we assure you!

8. Maldives

Summer wouldn't be complete without beaches. Here's another country you could go to this summer to enjoy the deep blue sea and some fun water activities. You are also in for a treat because they serve the most scrumptious lobster and fish curry in their resorts. Those are just few of the reasons why you need to visit Maldives this summertime. You could totally enjoy it with family, friends or even your significant other! So what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to plan for your amazing and unforgettable trip in this paradise!

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: You could never get enough of their impeccable beaches!

9. Zermatt, Switzerland

Another worth-visiting place on the list is Zermatt, Switzerland! It is said that spending summertime in this vibrant place is mind-blowing. During this period, the snow-covered mountains are characterized by abundant, green fields and enthralling blue color on the lakes. Zermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn mountain. Apart from that, the summer weather and degrees permit mountain activities more than just skiing. If you visit on the months of June all the way until August, you could take advantage of different outdoor recreations varying from swimming and kayaking to mountain biking and hiking. There are a lot of tour agencies in Zermatt that concentrates on all sorts of adventures, making sure that even neophytes could feel relaxed and comfortable with hiking on the Swiss highlands.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: The perfect weather condition will absolutely cool you off!

10. Edinburgh, Scotland 

Are you a fan of Avengers: Infinity War, F9: The Fast Saga, The Da Vinci Code or Cloud Atlas? Then don't waste your time no more, reserve a plane ticket going to Edinburgh, Scotland so you could check out the filming location of the movies I just mentioned! Although the sunny season in Scotland have the most tourists, it is the perfect time to explore cities like the majestic Edinburgh. June, July, and August have snug temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius, which is excellent for wandering around the city or taking an excursion on a bus.

Reason why we recommend you to visit it this summer: If you have a sweet tooth, the Chocolatarium Chocolate Tour experience in Edinburgh will definitely suit you!

In a nutshell, taking a vacation this summer is one of the best way to unwind, if not the best. You could completely restore your health, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally by relieving stress during this time away. Just take into account that in order to make the most of life, preparation is the key, and we got you covered with travel bags from Purevave! From toiletry bag and sling bag to backpack and cosmetics bag, we're at your service. We will make sure that you wouldn't ask for more with the collection of travel bags that we offer. Not only that, we can guarantee that we will continue to make travel bags that are very worthy to buy, you'll always look forward to our new arrivals. And we hope that as we deliver our promise, you could also share this knowledge to your family and friends.

Until our next article, we're wishing you happiness and safe travels!

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