Is it Safe to Run With a Backpack?

People love to carry some sort of accessory when traveling around or going to their workplace. Back then, individuals would carry a handbag or purse. However, the situation has dramatically changed in the past few years. Today more and more folks prefer a running backpack. Why? There are many reasons why people get into running with a backpack? Some people belong to the run community. They're always on the go and would like to cover a long distance quickly. Running is also preferred for short-distance travel. The trend doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. On the contrary, a large number of people get added to this community. Should you join this new trend? Let's find out!

The Pros of moving quickly with a running backpack

Some people think that running with a bag on your back is a good idea. So, they join this run community. The community keeps growing day by day. However, you'll also come across people that don't favor this activity. As a smart individual or commuter, you'd like to take the right side. Essentially, you may want to know the pros and cons of running with a backpack. So, let's dig deeper to figure out the cost-benefit ratio of using a running backpack.

Increases running speed

People mostly run with a backpack to get to their intended destination quickly. However, they increase their running speed in the process. How? Simply running without carrying weight won't benefit much. When you add weight (in the form of a full backpack), you've to put in the extra effort while running. The more the effort, the higher the speed will be. It's that simple. However, you must practice well to get the rhythm you need for running with weight.

Builds muscles

Many people wish to participate in bodybuilding contests. Then others want to build strong muscles to accentuate their individuality. So, they either sign up for a gym membership or buy equipment to attain their goals. Sadly, a major percentage of these enthusiasts deviate from their workout tenure. Usually, time acts as a major hindrance. People often cancel their gym membership and give up their efforts.

A running backpack resolves such situations. When you run with a bag to your workplace, you work out your body in the process. Although you may not understand this, you build strong muscles, thanks to the weight of the bag and the belongings within.

Lose weight

Today, a significant number of individuals carry extra weight. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating contribute to excess weight. If not checked on time, overweight or obesity can trigger many other health problems. People understand this point and turn to quick weight loss pills to burn calories. However, most of the diet programs and pills don't yield any results. Even after spending enough money, individuals end up with minimal results.

Running with a backpack burns substantial calories. You enjoy triple benefits. First, there's no need to buy baseless pills or programs. Second, you don't endure any ill effects. Third, you lose weight in a natural manner. Essentially, you attain a slim and trim body using a running backpack.

Bone density

Bone density directly impacts your overall health. The better the bone density, the better your health condition will be. However, many individuals don't have strong bones for one or the other reason. Weak bones contribute to joint issues, muscle problems, and other conditions.

Your body senses this fact and sends minerals to your bones as a means to strengthen them. However, your body has to stress out to send essential minerals to the bones. Covering the distance with a running backpack stresses the bones to a great extent. So, your bones receive more minerals from the body. Over time, the density of your bone increases. Once that happens, you're less likely to suffer from joint, muscle, and related issues.

Improve cardio performance

Today, a significant number of individuals battle heart issues. Stress and other factors put a heavy strain on your heart. You need to be ready for any pressing situations. Running with a backpack comes in handy. It improves your cardio performance. How? When you add weight to your back, you've to put in extra effort for running. This extra effort exercises your heart. Essentially, you perform cardio exercises by working your heart.

Improved core strength

Many youngsters lack the necessary strength for performing strenuous activities. The situation is even more demanding in the case of those in their 30s and 40s. People feel uncomfortable lifting heavy items due to the lack of core strength.

A running backpack can help out in such situations. Your core strength increases as a result. How? Running with weight stretches your body inside out. It's as good as lifting heavy weight in a gym. So, you get to enrich your endurance power and core strength.

Enhanced immunity

The immunity system of most individuals is getting weak. Many reasons contribute to the problem. An inactive lifestyle and hormone imbalances are the main culprits. Additionally, excess fat and stress add to the condition. So, people are likely to fall ill quickly. This point has been proved by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Running helps to get rid of most of these issues. First, running burns off excess fat and makes you active. Secondly, running sharpens your mind and ensures it binds with your body movements correctly. In the process, your immunity system gets enhanced. As a result, you can combat diseases and ailments with ease.

Cons of moving with a running backpack

Although there are multiple perks of running with a backpack, the activity isn't free from cons. Those against this activity cite the below reasons.

Bad for ankles and knees

A running backpack can stress your knees and ankles. This is even more correct in the case of those with a slim profile. The scenario can be even more demanding if you suffer from joint issues. Running with a backpack can aggravate the pain, resulting in inflammation in your ankles and knees.

Back pain

Carrying a backpack means carrying a lot of weight on your body. In case you are a bit bulky, you may end up with back pain over time. The weight of the bag and items within can stress your body too much. This is even more correct if you cover a long distance. The scene can get worse if you're already battling back pain.


Many people slip and fall when moving quickly with a running backpack. The extra weight can make you fumble and sustain injuries. The situation could be grave if you accidentally hit a hard surface when running. You may even fall fainted. Instead of deriving the benefits, you may finish up in a hospital for a week or so.


Carrying weight can make anyone feel tired. Just recollect some of your shopping scenarios. You might have felt exhausted in many instances after returning home. The same point holds with a running backpack. What's more worrying is many individuals get tired when they reach their office. They don't feel like working. So, their overall productivity tends to be lower. You need to be fit to overcome this issue.

How to avoid an injury when running with a backpack?

As mentioned earlier, many people sustain injuries when commuting quickly with a running backpack. Even a small wound can pile on your nerves, especially when you're on the go. As an intelligent person, you may want to get rid of this issue on time. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid injuries and related problems.

First of all, choose a light running backpack from a reliable brand. Such bags are made to be comfortable on your body when running and traveling around. They come with comfy shoulder straps and an ergonomic design. So, you're less likely to feel the weight on your body. Also, they fit well on your back. As a result, the likelihood of bumping and falling gets reduced.

Secondly, practice a bit before getting into running with a backpack. Put an empty bag on your back in the beginning and cover a short distance. Repeat this activity for a week. When you gain proficiency and build stamina, you can add more weight to the running backpack. Now, repeat running with weight in a bag and cover a short distance. Once you get used to the activity, increase the distance. Within a month, you should get handy with running and managing slip and fall incidents. Over time, the instances of injuries will come down.

Concluding words

The use of a running backpack is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people love this activity for a slew of reasons mentioned above. However, there are benefits and downsides of this thrilling activity. It's better to weigh the cost-benefit ratio in great detail. Also, you need to get familiar with the injuries and solutions thereon. With handy information on your side, you can team up with other commuters for this adventurous chore. Just be sure to choose a high-quality running backpack from a reliable brand to maximize the benefits.

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