About Us


Launched in 2020 by Mainly Design, our team boasts of more than 15 years of experience in creating some of the most amazing travel products. Focused on designing and providing simple yet convenient products to consumers and travelers worldwide, Purevave aims to become a well-loved brand for the frequent flyer who wants nothing but the best in luxury hotel travel amenity kit/bag.

Along with an extensive knowledge on top-notch quality and ease-travel bag designs, Purevave's remarkable products is intent on delivering outdoor and travel bags that can compete among the internationally famous bag brands. Today, as the era of e-commerce quickly approaches, the brand decided to launch a direct-to-consumer retail model that would allow our loyal customers from around the world to enjoy top-notch quality and design at the most affordable price.



Easy to use and easy to carry, Purevave provides you with lightweight products which enables you to use it for all your travel needs.


From your clothes and your laptop to camera equipment, water bottles and your lunch, Purevave bags makes travelling much easier and convenient. Along with easy to access slots for your pen, earphones and sunglasses, bags from this fresh new brand are hands down practical and functional.

Simple And Compact

As more travelers associate their luggage with fashion, Purevave bags offers a smooth and clean design that allows you to never go out of style.


Purevave bags have a timeless elegance that allows you to look stylish in any given occasion.


Purevave bags comply with production regulations to ensure the quality of their products. Here are some of the ways this awesome and fresh brand's compliance provide you with better performing sacks.

Production Procedure

By practicing production procedures such as excellent site management, standardized operation, as well as a lean and efficient production, this fresh new brand guarantees to deliver nothing but exceptional first-rate bags.

Material / Fabric

Designed to deliver nothing but optimal performance, Purevave bags are made of high quality durable water repellent fabric, all material is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


We at Purvave strive to be a sustainable and environmental-friendly brand, from our packaging to our designs and the acquiring of raw materials.

High Quality

Outfitted with thoughtful details such as reinforced stitching on its main seams as well as a high quality YKK zipper, our bags promotes awesome durability as it gets rid of unexpected rip offs even after prolonged use.
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