How to wear a sling bag

Sling bag is a multi-purpose and versatile accessory best known for its hands-free convenience. It can be used while traveling, walkinq.running errands, shopping. etc. It isn't hard to get used to wearing your sling bag, there are just certain things that you need to remember when you're adjusting it on your shoulder so that you won't feel awkward while walking around with it.

1. Adjust the strap length according to your preference or use cases

Sling bags are not designed with only one shoulder-strap length but various lengths so that users can choose their preferred strap length. This makes sling bags very adjustable and easy to use for different people. Just choose a fitting strap length depending on your preference or use cases. For example, if you are planning to attend a wild party with friends where you'll be walking around all night long and dancing to the beat of your favorite music, then opt for an adjustable bag with longer straps so that it doesn't bounce off from your body when you're boogieing away. On the other hand, if you're going out with friends to grab snacks at a local restaurant and want to look chic, choose a sling bag with shorter straps instead because loose straps will obstruct your fashion style, and that would just be not very pleasant.

2. Wear suitable sling bag according to your carry-on items

 A suitable sling bag can add unique style and a touch of class to a simple outfit. Remember don't choose a bigger sling bag just because you want to fit all your necessities inside, especially when you're going out with friends or hanging out at the mall, as it will not only ruin your look, also created inconvenience. Never carry more than what you need.

3. Make sure everything you carry is properly organized in your sling bag

Wear your sling bag just the way you want it, don't let society tell you what to wear and how big or small a sling bag is appropriate for an occasion. You can wear it anywhere anytime but always be sure that everything with you is properly organized by using specific compartments inside your sling bag, so that you'll know where everything is at all times and can find things easily when needed, most like in emergency cases.

4. Several different ways on how to wear a sling bag

Where do you want to position your sling bag, the front side or back? Having your sling bag hidden by your body or letting others see? Here are different ways on how to wear a sling bag compiled to give you trendy and creative ideas on how to wear it and maximize its use:

1) Wear a sling bag on one shoulder.

A sling bag is a universally practical accessory worn on one shoulder. Wearing a sling bag on your shoulder allows you to pick up and drop the bag conveniently and quickly, this is probably the fastest way without needing to clip/unclip around your body.
Here are some tips on how to wear a sling bag on shoulder:
  • Decide on which shoulder you want the bag's strap to rest on. Once you have decided, tighten up the shoulder portion of the strap that has more slack on it. This will stop your sling from sliding off your shoulders.
  • Place your arm through the loop created by the other strap; make sure that this strap sits comfortably on your neck and does not choke you or slip off easily. You can adjust it by pulling at its ends to ensure that there is enough length not to cause any discomfort when you look down for reading books etc.,
  • Adjust the straps to make it sit comfortably on your shoulders, and do not put excess pressure on your neck as it causes a lot of discomforts. Some bags come with a second or third strap which can be adjusted according to preference.

Purevave men travel slingbag

Wearing the sling bag strap on one shoulder only will feel uncomfortable after a while. You can place the strap across your chest so that it rests on your shoulder and back, where the main body of the bag lies flat against you. You can continue wearing it as normal, which means that it is attached at two points instead of one point, and this should reduce discomfort due to weight distribution.

2)Wear a sling bag across the back

Wearing a sling bag across the back is fashionable and provides extra support for the weight of the bag. It can get very cumbersome if you carry your books around in your hand or hold on to your schoolbags all day long. This is where you need a sling bag that will not break down under pressure and can be easily slipped into when required, like at school or university. It will give you the ease of movement if worn correctly. Shoulder bags are not easy to carry when you let go of them, sling bag is easier to use because it will always be within arm's reach when needed.

Purevave men travel sling bag

This way of wearing a sling bag keeps plenty of space in front of you, is most suitable for a bicycle or a motorcycle activity. However, if there are some important and valued items in your sling bag, this way seems not be safe enough. Then maybe your can consider next style of wearing a sling bag. 

3)Wear a sling bag across the front

Wearing your sling bag across the front of your body is more and more popular. You can easily take out your wallet or your tablet without putting your sling bag off. Besides, you can always keep an eye on your sling bag to prevent your belongings from being stolen when you are in a crowded space, and also make sure your sling bag doesn't bump into other people.
Below will teach you how to wear a sling bag correctly across your front and the correct way of adjusting your sling pack for ease and comfort.
  • Put on the sling bag with the inner pocket facing outwards. Make sure you put the strap around your neck to hang over your front side, not behind you or diagonally across your back. The bag's flap should be diagonal from left to right if possible, but this is not necessary as long as the weight is even.
  • Pull both straps ends equally until they feel tight against your shoulders and chest area. Adjust them appropriately according to your height and how relaxed the bag feels on your body. Sling bags are normally worn high up on your chest, so do not expect them to fall at a short length of your body unless you have adjusted it that way.
  • Slip the tip of the strap within its loop to tighten them securely in place. This will prevent them from slipping away from their position and creating a tighter hold around your shoulder area.

Purevave fashion slingbag, crossbody bag

4)Wear around the waist

Carrying a sling bag around your waist is an extremely convenient way to keep your hands free while carrying all of your essentials. Unlike a backpack, a sling bag is easy to wear around your waist and more stylish. If you need a new bag, consider wearing a sling bag. When wearing your new sling bag around your waist, there are just a few simple things to consider:
Think about how long the strap is when it's adjusted to fit you perfectly. While shortening the strap slightly can be helpful, especially with slings with buckles instead of loops for adjusting the length, too much shortening could look awkward and cause discomfort when walking or running. A good rule is to make sure that most of the bag hangs down past your hips while standing up straight with all straps tightened to where you'll wear it on your body. If you find that your bag hangs too low when adjusted properly and you still don't like how it looks or feels, adjustable straps on some bags allow you to adjust where the bag rests on your body. Use this feature to ensure comfort and style while wearing your new sling bag.

Purevave female sling bag


If you're tired of carrying around regular bags that only get the job done half the time, then it's about time to try using sling bags instead. These are known to be ultra-portable and versatile because you can wear them in different ways depending on how much stuff you need to bring with you. They're also more lightweight than regular handbags, so not wearing both your hands while walking or shopping is possible without worrying about getting unbalanced.

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