10 Most Popular Road Trips In The USA This Summer

The light travel are special for those who like adventures, to know places, different and wonderful places, are an attraction that has no comparison, the roads of the United States, lend themselves for their conditions to make fascinating tours, and spend different days.

A vehicle in good condition, and with adequate capacity for the occupants to travel comfortably is the beginning of an unforgettable adventure, the roads to travel in the light travel are countless in this nation, but we offer you a list of ten of the best options, these roads are full of stories, anecdotes, and in them, you will get the most incredible places you ever thought existed.

Do not miss the opportunity to know them, there is no waste in any of them.

1 Route 66

This is par excellence, the most iconic highway of this northern country, it crosses the nation from east coast to west, in almost 4 thousand kilometers, there are many interesting places that can be enjoyed along the way.

From original motels, attractive and very original restaurants, Texan ranches, Indian customs, abandoned towns, and even old car cemeteries, but above all the dazzling view of the wonderful Grand Canyon, is the best preserved route of this mythical route, from where you can observe the impressive rocky sinuous formations, with vibrant reddish colors, contrasting with the impeccable sky, and the aridity of the environment that reigns in the place.

This famous route goes from Chicago to Los Angeles, ending in Santa Monica, passing through eight states of the Union, and has become through many years the destination for caravans, motorcycle clubs, and vacationers looking for authentic experiences in places like these, which evoke a great history.

2 Overseas Highway

One of the must-see highway destinations in the United States is this architectural work of great proportions, built entirely over the ocean, it runs 205 kilometers along the Florida Keys, the view provides an impressive image, which even produces vertigo to think about crossing it, the paradisiacal landscape that shows satisfies the sight of any visitor.

Among the attractions that can be observed when traveling this route is the impressive Seven Mile Bridge, with more than 10 kilometers long, to this distance it owes its name, because it represents more than seven miles, it has enough amplitude to travel without risks, and to be able to enjoy waters and coral reefs, it joins Knight Key with Little Duck Key.

In light travel such as those that can be made on this route are a variety of attractions, nature tours of these exotic cays, bars, visits to the Aquarium Encounters, ecological excursions where you can enjoy kayaking through lush mangroves, and fully enjoy an unusual route where the water accompanies you on both sides of the route.

3 Hana Maui Highway, Hawaii

Another of the light travel that causes fascination, traveling through thick vegetation on both sides of the road, with places that look like vegetable tunnels, where you can see the roots of the trees on the side of the road, and the banks covered with leaves.

The well paved road makes the route more comfortable, which can be covered in less than three hours traveling from Kahului to Hana on the island of Hawaii.

Along the way there are beautiful beaches with golden and reddish sands that encourage you to enjoy the river, among other attractions, on the route you can get a variety of crystal clear waterfalls, which become more interesting after the rains, due to the activity of the nearby volcano, cliffs, and deep depressions, which dress the environment turning it into a scene worthy of movies, as there are a variety of old bridges that have their historical attraction.

4 Route 12 in Utah

This wonderful road considered as scenic, shows in all its trajectory landscapes that leave any visitor breathless, rock formations that look like sculptures of the greatest artists, but in reality have been sculpted by the wind for thousands of years.

Some form tunnels through which the road passes, the route includes national parks of great attraction, such as Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef, where the figures of nature have no comparison, different vegetation, cliffs, the 124 miles of the route are amazing and varied, immense cliffs, hotels and restaurants for all tastes, dreamy villages separated by short distances.

On the route there is a main attraction called The Hogbac, where the road climbs along the edge of an elevation, leaving cliffs on both sides of the road, and from where the canyons of Escalante are impressively visible.

Passing through the town of Torrey on the road to Bryce Canyon, you can see pine communities and a variety of vegetation, where you can appreciate different shades of leaves that further adorn the environment.

5 Pacific Coast Highway in California

This route is a section of California State Route 1, it crosses the entire state, but the Pacific Coast Highway route is the best you can find on this road, an impressive combination of the mountainous landscape with the blue waters of the Pacific, form a wonderful framework for a route where you can appreciate the architectural charm of bold bridges that seem to be embedded in the landscape, and border the road as if drawing the territory that separates the ocean from the mainland.

The towns it passes through are full of history and charm, Malibu, Monterrey, where you can visit the Bay Aquarium, the street where there were sardine canneries Cannery Row, Pebble Beach and Salinas.

Along the route you will find places to spend the night, and to eat, as well as gas stations in almost all the towns through which the route passes, if you take advantage of this opportunity you will see sea lions along the river, and if you look at the ocean you will be able to enjoy the dolphins.

6 Blue Ridge Parkway

This route is located between South Carolina and North Carolina, is a journey of 754 km, which passes through Shenandoah National Parks, on both sides of the road you can observe a magical vegetation that seems to be extracted from famous canvases, with a vibrant and varied colorful, in beautiful shades of green, orange, pink, and yellow.

Coniferous landscapes perfectly adorn the hillsides overlooking the road, and you'll enjoy views of the rugged mountains and Appalachian, smoky mountains, trails, beautiful campsites, and even black bear sightings along the way.

7 Antelope Valley Freeway

This highway has attractive transit distributors, which resemble octopuses or spiders, is part of the famous Route 14 of California, among the attractions that are discovered when traveling through it, is to pass through the Mojave Desert, and in times of spring and summer, the atmosphere becomes colorful, as it is a land of flowers, If you stop along the way, you can delight yourself with the aroma of the flowers and the beautiful blush of the landscape. You can also visit a very important air base, such as Edwards, which is one of the main runways of NASA.

8 Anchorage to Valdez

This splendorous road, covers almost 500 km of route, and will take you through places of enchantment, from the road you will contemplate dreamy mountains, as if they had been carefully decorated with snowdrops, the wonderful landscape with pines and conifers in the foreground, make the ideal setting for the route.

This route begins on Route 1 in Alaska, passing through the attractive glaciers that date back to prehistoric times, you will be able to observe impressive almost virgin mountains, which are over 4 thousand meters high, you must be properly equipped, as temperatures become freezing.

9 The Sun Road

One of the routes connected with nature in its purest state is this road, nestled in the mountains of Montana in Glacier National Park, passes through amazing natural formations, forming arches and tunnels, with arid mountains, full of grooves created artistically in time by the wind and water, skirts covered with conifers and cypresses, proudly adorn the passage of the route.

It extends for almost 100 km, and along the way you can enjoy a diversity of animals and vegetation. The best time to enjoy this impressive road is in summer, so as not to run the risk of snowfalls that can leave you on the road.

10 Great River Road

If any route allows you to enjoy multiple attractions is this one, it seems to follow the Mississippi River wherever it goes, adorned with abundant vegetation, and the company of the most important North American river, it goes into mountains and valleys, allowing the eyes of those who travel it to capture beautiful images of different types of mountains, This route will take you to follow the river in the car, the different reliefs, hills, slopes, descents, on this road you will find everything, have fun with attractions in Alton, visit the town of Nauvoo, visit the tractor exhibition in Moline, the historic charm of Galena, and enjoy the best views of Canyon Iowa.

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