The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Bags and Sling Bags - What’s The Difference?

Are you looking for the perfect bag to carry all your essentials with you on-the-go? A shoulder bag and a sling bag are both stylish options for carrying belongings. Both styles of bags offer plenty of storage space, whether it's a day out shopping at the mall, a weekend getaway, or an office job - these versatile accessories can be just what you need. But before making that purchase, let’s dive in deep and understand exactly what separates shoulder bags from sling bags so that you know which one will best suit your needs and lifestyle. In this ultimate guide we'll discuss everything from material to size variations as well as some tips for purchasing the right bag for yourself. So read along – because it’s time to upgrade your accessory game.

Purevave fashion sling bag


Sling bags have a single strap that is worn diagonally across the body, usually resting on the back or hip. The strap can be adjusted to fit comfortably on the wearer's body, and the bag can be easily swung around to the front for quick access. Sling bags often have a teardrop shape, with a wider base and a narrower top. This design allows the bag to fit close to the body, reducing the chance of it bouncing around while walking or running.

Shoulder bags, on the other hand, have two straps that are worn over the shoulder, with the bag hanging down on one side of the body. The straps can be adjusted to fit the wearer's body, but the weight of the bag is typically borne by one shoulder. Shoulder bags can have a variety of shapes and sizes, from small purses to larger tote bags or messenger bags.


The main difference between a shoulder bag and a sling bag is size. Sling bags are generally smaller than shoulder bags, with just enough room to carry essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, and maybe a small water bottle. Some sling bags may have additional pockets or compartments for organization, but they are generally designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. This makes them convenient if you don't need to carry too much with you—you can just throw it over your shoulder and go! Plus, because they’re smaller in size, they often look more stylish than shoulder bags.

Shoulder bags, on the other hand, can vary in size from small purses to large totes or messenger bags, and can accommodate a wide range of items depending on the design.


Sling bags are designed to distribute weight evenly across the back and shoulders, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The single strap design allows the bag to be adjusted to fit snugly against the body, reducing the chance of it bouncing around while walking or running. Shoulder bags, on the other hand, can put more strain on one shoulder, especially if the bag is heavy or the straps are not adjusted properly. However, some shoulder bags may have wider or padded straps to help distribute weight more evenly.


Sling bags are often associated with a more casual, sporty look. They are popular among hikers, travelers, and people who need a lightweight bag for everyday use. Sling bags can come in a variety of materials, from canvas and nylon to leather and suede. Shoulder bags, on the other hand, can be more versatile in terms of style. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and can be made from a variety of materials including leather, suede, or fabric. Shoulder bags are often used as work bags or for dressier occasions, but can also be used for everyday use depending on the design.


As far as functionality goes, both types of bags can be used for different purposes. Shoulder bags are great for everyday use such as going to work or school because they provide enough space to store all the necessary items such as laptop, phone charger, books etc. Sling bags are perfect for those days when you just want to grab something quick and go out without having the burden of carrying a heavy load on your shoulders. Plus, since most sling bags come with an adjustable strap feature which allows you to wear it crossbody or over the shoulder depending on your preference.                                                  


Another way to differentiate between these two types of bags is by looking at what materials they’re made from. Shoulder bags tend to be made from thicker materials such as canvas or leather while sling bags are usually made from lightweight nylon or polyester fabrics which make them easier to carry around all day long without getting tired easily. Additionally, some sling bags even come with water-resistant properties which make them perfect for outdoor activities or trips where you don’t want your belongings getting wet due to sudden rain showers! 


Ultimately, whether you choose a shoulder bag or a sling bag comes down to personal preference; however understanding the differences between these two types of popular handbags will help you make an informed decision about which one is best suited for your lifestyle needs!

Now that you know the difference between shoulder bags and sling bags, it’s time to figure out which one is right for you. If you need a bag that can hold a lot of things and distribute the weight evenly, then a shoulder bag is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you want a stylish bag that’s easy to carry around and won’t hurt your back or shoulders, then a sling bag might be the way to go. Whichever type of bag you choose, make sure it fits your needs and style so you can feel confident carrying it around with you everywhere you go.

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