We believe that to be a great business, you have to be a good one too. We built Purevave to be a company that has a positive impact, from the way we design our products to the way we connect communities. Here’s how we’re working to make the world a better place for everyone.

Our products

Everything we make is thoughtfully designed and built to last. It’s our way of cutting down on waste and keeping you traveling well for life.

Life-changing travel

Travel is powerful—but it’s not always accessible. Particularly to those who might benefit from it the most. That’s why we’ve partnered with Global Glimpse, a nonprofit organization that provides travel and leadership programs to high school students from diverse backgrounds across the country. Global Glimpse has made travel possible for over 6,500 students and 96% of their alumni report that their experience helped them build meaningful connections with people from different cultural, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our team

Volunteering is a huge part of Purevave’s culture. That’s why every employee receives 8 hours of paid time off to volunteer. As a result, in 2020 alone,our team dedicated over 700 hours of service to nonprofit partners. We also prepared and served over 9,000 meals to families in need, mentored nearly 200 youth, and provided pro-bono support to dozens of underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Get involved

If you believe travel makes the world a better place, please consider joining us to support Global Glimpse. A donation of $10 will help a student see the world.
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